Emilio Estefan Gallery

The 20th Anniversary Billboard Tribute
by John Lannert for Billboard Magazine, September 1998

Over the past 20 years, Emilio Estefan Jr. has made quite a name for himself as the entrepreneur who heads up Estefan Enterprises, Inc. Besides managing the career of his superstar wife Gloria - with whom he developed their singolar Latin/pop sound - Emilio has successfully delved into all segments of the music industry, ranging from production to publishing. 

Among the artists for whom he has produced hit albums are bilingual pop star Jon Secada and Mexican singing idols Alejandro Fernandez and Thalia. Emilio also is getting involved with film and television, having signed a $10 million deal last year with Universal Television group to develop Latino-rooted sitcoms. Apart from his entertainment ventures, Emilio has become involved in two prosperous restaurants (Larios On The Beach, Bongo's) and the Cardozo Hotel, where portions of the movie "There's something about Mary" were filmed.

But, his impressive resume aside, if you want to catch Emilio in action during a typical work day, make sure you bring a camera with a slow-motion feature. It's the only way to keep up with the renowned impresario as he darts from project to project. A typical day at offices of Crescent Moon Studios finds him bouncing from studio to studio, penning a lyric here for a Colombian singing star Shakira, adjusting the sound blend there for a Latinized remix of a Lenny Kravitz tune. In between is a radio interview he has arranged with his wife, who drops by the office to contribute - along with Emilio - an impromptu finger painting that will be auctioned at a fundraising event in Mexico. 

Later in the day, Emilio can be found adjusting the lighting at a video shoot for Carlos Ponce, a new, hot-shot singer who recently reached the top of Hot Latin Tracks with his first single, "Rezo". Throughout the day Emilio is unfailingly patient and polite as he sprinkles playful, humourous barbs into more serious conversation, running from the bluprints for his company's new headquarters to a schedule meeting with Ana Gabriel, Mexico famed singer/songwriter whose upcoming CD he is currently producing. Emilio recently discussed his storied career and future aspirations in this Billboard Interview. The conversation took place over the course of several of Emilio's morning constitutionals - which, of course, he took with his usual alacrity.